Lexical density informalisation in english language

For English, these schools used the same book published by Grafindo Media Pratama as the primary sources. To cover the whole texts of the books is quite difficult and time-consuming. We can argue that similar phenomena apply to grammatical change and to lexical change. But even the weirdest sounding dialect has regular grammatical structure and works perfectly well enough to express sophisticated and subtle ideas as well as Standard English the most widely accepted educated dialect of English that is taught around the world and used in the media.

It has a cable rail way, monorail, and a modern zoo. It was also a narrative text consisting of seven paragraphs with words. It has a broad area of trees, rose gardens and avenues between the city and the Manzanares River.

Selecting the texts to be analyzed. When this website calculates lexical density, it identifies each word as either a lexical word or not: A boy came to his house That boy looked confused. Simplification no doubt exists, but using it as a reason not a symptom of language change is probably too subjective to be scientific.

This was a kind of descriptive text taken from page Evan, the Florist One fine morning, Mr. To do the research, a document analysis will be applied. Juan phones Sonia every Sunday. She was not there that morning. He was a florist.

He was not very strong and could not go out to work, but his son asked him to take the money out of the box. One day, she dropped an apple into it. Language Decay The 18th century view of language was that languages naturally fell into decay because of decadence or disinterest.

Lexical Density

Sentence 1 contains a vague personal pronoun. The table was used to show the number of kinds of sentence showing the grammatical complexity. Over time, it can be seen that the number of inflexions dropped, and modern English has almost done away with the need for inflexions.

The whole sentences were Another park is the Parque del Oeste. New discourse communities develop that are not represented within existing genres — e.

Evan, come, shop, see, apples, he, brought, Mr. Since a lower lexical density is appropriate to the students of beginners and vice versa, lexically, the texts used for each level can be regarded appropriate. Total Number 13 From the table, the grammatical complexity can be explained as the followings.

After the game, they walk along the Hudson River where there is a beautiful view of the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.

Madrilenos people of Madrid often walk along the avenues in the evenings during summer. The quick brown fox jumped swiftly over the lazy dog.

It was a narrative text consisting of four paragraphs with words. How to Teach English: Simple Example 1 We shall first determine the lexical density of an ideal example.

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For instance, if there are the same genre to be taught in different grade, that kind of genre is preferred. The tendency is for lexical density to increase. The other text was a descriptive one taken from page This analysis was done by identifying and calculating the complexity of word phrase and sentences in form of a table.

Other kinds of words such as articles a, theprepositions on, at, inconjunctions and, or, butand so forth are more grammatical in nature and, by themselves, give little or no information about what a text is about.

On Sundays, he goes with his cousin and some friends to Liberty State Park. With regard to writing, lexical density is simply a measure of how informative a text is. In conversational phone calls, which are not co-present, greetings are not the first exchange as they are when the encounter is face-to-face.

Humans are, after all, social animals, and we rarely do things without a social reason. To conclude, the study is an attempt to help teachers determine and select their teaching materials in order to reach their teaching objectives.90% of the time, speakers of English use just 7, words in speech and writing.

These words appear in red, and are graded with stars. One-star words are frequent, two-star words are more frequent, and three-star words are the most frequent. They demonstrate informalisation through their use of some of the typical ‘markers of informal English’; pronouns, simple English and contractions of negatives; (Maybin et al, pg ) “Keep it simple, Don’t worry about removing labels, it’s as simple to recycle as to throw away” However this could also be an example of the use of this marketisation where the informalisation of language is used intentionally by.

Analyse text content using our online text analysis tool which give you statistics including word count; unique words; number of sentences; average words per. Therefore, the students’ language mastery should be the consideration in selecting English texts, as the teaching materials, with high or low grammatical intricacy and lexical density.

Lexical density is generally higher in written language than in spoken language [2],[3],[4]. This is not surprising as written text is generally more expository in nature and will naturally contain more information-bearing, lexical words, thereby increasing lexical density.

'Intelligent' would also be a lexical word. So how would I calculate the lexical density? Are there 2 lexical words and 1 function word? - 3 tokens in total =

Lexical density informalisation in english language
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